The following links will take you to a selection of useful websites related to working with mental imagery in therapeutic or personal/professional/creative development contexts.
The website for an association of professional guided imagery practitioners. The association produces a regular quarterly journal and hosts an annual conference.
The Californian-based Academy for Guided Imagery is dedicated to educating and supporting practicing health care clinicians, coaches, and educators in their uses of imagery and imagery related approaches to therapy and healing. The Academy was set up in the 1980s by two pioneers in mental imagery applications for health, David Bressler, PhD and Martin Rossman, MD.
Cognitive behavioural self-help resources that utilise imagery techniques and guided visualisation
The Journal of Imagery Research in Sports and Physical Activity
The Imagination Institute is dedicated to making progress on the measurement, growth, and improvement of imagination across all sectors of society
The Creativity Post is a non-profit web platform committed to sharing the very best content on creativity, in all of its forms: from scientific discovery to philosophical debate, from entrepreneurial ventures to educational reform, from artistic expression to technological innovation – in short, to all the varieties of the human experience that creativity brings to life.
UK Based Training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music and its Modifications for Music Therapists, Arts Therapists, Musicians, Counsellors and Psychotherapists

The European Association of Music and Imagery